Guest speakers at Lonavla camp – Jan 3 – 10, 2019

A special feature of the National Spiritual Camp in Lonavala, held between January 3 and 9, was short talks by guest speakers. They were drawn from the participants only. Everyone of them was very effective and all found these sessions a source of valuable learning.

The five speakers were as follows:
On Jan 5, Dr Piyul Mukherjee 
  Topic:- Missing I in MBA. 
On Jan 6, Nandakishore Mahapatra 
  Topic:- Journey of a Sadhaka. 
On Jan 7, Gopalakrishna K.S.
  Topic:- Yoga as a Way to Spiritual Progress. 
  On Jan 8, Radhakrishna Chilukuri
  Topic:- Remembering 
  Swami Chinmayānanda 
On Jan 9, Mahesh S. Rao
  Topic… Management and Spirituality.

Dr Piyul Mukherjee
Gopalakrishna K.S
Nandakishore Mahapatra
Radhakrishna Chilukuri
Mahesh S. Rao

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