Sociology and Law by Dr. Piyul Mukherjee on December 3, 2018


On 3rd of December during the same trip, Piyul Mukherjee of the AUPA team addressed first year students of law, at the MP Law College, on the need for the subject of ‘Sociology’, and for all of us to pay attention to the working of human society.  What appears to be existing by itself, was often needed to be understood systematically. The more we paid heed to social institutions – such as family, education, governments, the more we would understand the workings of concepts such as ‘power’, ‘dominance’, ‘inequality’, ‘class’ and ‘caste’. Since each of us was a member of society, the task was often ‘reflexive’ – we needed to study objectively, something that we were part of, ourselves.


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