A Vibrant Event under DHIMAHI

They were all 18 year old, students of Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts, under the deemed university NMIMS (Narsee Monji Institute of Management Sciences) in Mumbai. Young women and men – from different parts of the country – engaged Swamiji in “talk and interaction”, moderated by their very able dean Prof. Uma Narain. The fabulous infrastructure of the campus seemed to be matched by academic excellence.

The topic was HAPPINESS. Time flew by. Two hours went very fast that morning of November 16. Swamiji highlighted the open secret that happiness is ours if, in any activity, we invest in the process and not lose our energy in getting anxious about the outcome. Happiness is, in fact, our true nature but it eludes us when our thoughts run away to the unborn future. Putting our heart and soul into the work on hand, and giving our best, is the key to our best performance as well. The students asked a lot of practical questions. Swamiji was accompanied by Sudhir Seth, Dolly Seth, Anil Khanna and a few more key members of Fowai Forum. Below picture speaks all about it.

(DHIMAHI = Deriving Holistic Insights
into Management from the Heritage of India.)


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