Leadership, ethics and Transformation.


Perspectives from Indian Ethos

DHIMAHI, the wing of AUPA that engages with the corporate and academic world, had a delightful time on Sunday 17 September, 2017. We were amidst 50 students and the faculty of the class of MA – Leadership Science – at the University of Bombay, Kalina Campus.

A warm welcome was given by Dr Shubhda Joshi, who is spearheading this course with her long and impressive academic years of experiences and contributions. A young and vibrant Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, director of this course introduced Swamiji in an efficacious style.

Swami Chidananda spoke to the students on Leadership, Ethics and Transformation, perspectives  from Indian ethos.

His presentation dwelled on the philosophical implications of ethics in leadership. Swamiji gave ample examples from the wisdom texts of India. He especially pointed to the cardinal values – satya, ahimsa and brahmacharya – and said violation of these are sure to damage the holistic beauty of leadership. Lying, hurting people and getting enslaved to pleasure and comfort were the forms in which one would violate the cardinal values. He listed the values which can be effectively incorporated by the leaders enriching them with ethical and holistic vision of life. QA followed the speech.

The session was followed by a delicious lunch along with the faculty members and the students. It was an effective and well-organised event.
Please watch the live video of this talk which has been uploaded on AUPA website.



(Pictures: Executives of TRANSASIA, led by Mala Vazirani and Suresh Vazirani pose for photograph with Swamiji, after a vibrant talk and interaction, Sept 12, 2017)

It was delightful time for a bunch of us from the AUPA team, when we visited TRANSASIA, the company in Chandivli, a suburb of Mumbai, on Tuesday, Sept 12, 2017. Mala Vazirani and Suresh Vazirani, who head the company left no stone unturned to make the event most effective and well-organized.

Some 20 senior executives joined the Vazirani couple as we gathered at the elegant Conference Room of the company. After Suresh gave a warm welcome, and introduced the guests to his staff, Swamiji took up the theme for the day. He spoke for 45 minutes and there was a vibrant QA that followed.

The speaker gave many examples from scriptures like Valmiki Ramayana and Geeta, to convey the message that we can learn a lot from these wisdom texts of India in areas like effective speaking, right leadership, healthy relationships, integrated self-development and holistic vision of life.

Our group was later treated to a delicious meal, over which also there was a lot of happy discussion. Sudhir Seth, Dolly Seth, Mohan Hejamadai and Vibha Chaitanya had accompanied Swamiji in this really worthwhile event of DHIMAHI, the wing of AUPA that engages with the corporate world


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